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What is a Green Job?

A green job is one that helps bring about and maintain a transition to environmentally sustainable forms of production and consumption. Whether it is an architect helping design energy efficient buildings, a rural woman practicing sustainable farming, or a plumber installing water-recycling systems, they are part of the change required for a green economy. Every job has the potential to be a green job if it redefines business as usual in favour of more sustainable practices. Rapidly evolving job opportunities demand skill sets in environmental sustainability, and traditional jobs need to be re-imagined to support the emerging Green economy.

We seek to raise public awareness about such jobs for future and inspire change in existing jobs through new skills such that the economy as a whole is moving towards a sustainable future.

Objectives of the Summit

The Green Jobs for the Future will connect employers with green values. As consumers, employees, and other stakeholders worldwide become more environmentally conscious, the importance of positioning companies as “Green” is becoming increasingly vital. Therefore, the summit proposes to bring the supply side of the green economy – comprised of India’s workforce, professionals, and students - and demand side – India’s green employers together.

The Green Jobs for the Future has the followingkey objectives:
Document and make aware of the real and growing careers and skill sets available in the green jobs sector
Gearing up education and training, Enterprise approaches for a workforce fit for a green economy, and integrating skills into local development strategies for green job creation
Demonstrate green skills and technology to further revolutionalise Industry 4.0 Create dialogues and frame action points around skilling for Environmental sustainability

Key Themes

  • Current Environmental Policies in India
  • Global Perspective on tackling Environmental change
  • Role of Technology in preventing environmental degradation
  • Waste Management

Why to attend

  • Government Departments and private sectors under one platform to discuss upon plans for Green Delhi
  • Opportunity for private players to showcase technologies and solutions focusing on cleaning management, waste management & environment technology
  • Opportunity for unparalleled business matching and networking opportunities as well.

Participation Opportunities

  • Presenting Partner
  • Technology Partner
  • Gold Partner
  • Silver Partner
  • Lanyard Partner
  • Associate Partner
  • Exhibition

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